Moving SAP to Cloud

Migrating SAP B1 on premise to Cloud might turn out to be a visionary decision in favor of your business. You get identical look and feel on both on premise and cloud variants of SAP Business One. However, you get a much more reliable and future ready service on cloud. Moving your SAP workload to the cloud can get you great financial benefit in terms of reduced infrastructure and operating costs. Our developers can provide the best in class SAP Business One Cloud services to the global enterprises in a cost-effective way.

Why should you migrate SAP Business One to cloud?

Agile Environment

Ease of scalability of your computing resources as and when required and paying only based on your utilization is one of the major reasons to consider moving to cloud. Moreover, moving to cloud facilitates designing complex information requirements while maintaining a high-quality information model.

You have an outdated infrastructure

If you are considering upgrading or replacing your old infrastructure it is an excellent time to consider moving into cloud. Invest smart on cloud solutions to take away the upfront cost and headache. Why would you want to re-invest on additional hardware? For instance, you decide to purchase 4 Intel® Xeon® E3 processors and 32 GB RAM based on your current requirement. With the rapid rate of advancing technology and changing trends there is a high chance that this configuration gets outdated soon. Cloud lets you upgrade your infrastructure on a click of your button.

You want to be prepared for the future

With technology skyrocketing and the computing power requirements increasing by day you want to be at par or even better than your competitors. Move to cloud and take advantage of the computing power that was previously only available for larger companies.


A lot has been published about security in the Cloud. Choose SupportSages as your Cloud provider and it is highly likely that your Cloud ERP environment is at least as secure as your On-premise implementation of ERP.


Existing server to Cloud Migration

  • Assessment of existing infra, licensing and staffing
  • Assessment of security requirements
  • Migration planning to minimize impact or down time
  • Choosing the right cloud provider
  • Checking and validation
  • Production switch over
  • 24X7X365 monitoring and support
  • Level 5 Data Security and Breach Protection
  • 99.5% uptime
  • Complete Server Backup
  • Secure Migration
  • Zero Data Loss


  • Disaster Management and Business Continuity: We make sure that there is high availability and disaster recovery on the cloud. We use backup storage and automatic workload replication features for redundancy. We ensure that service is running even during maintenance.
  • Keep Redundancy: We use Multi Availability Zone (AZs) that provide enhanced availability and durability for Database (DB) Instances.


On Premise SAP B1
SAP B1 on Cloud
Existing infrastructure (internal server) might already be delivering return on investment.
Runs Rapidly with minimum disruption in business. Likely to get quick ROI at the cost of monthly fee as investment.
Data compliance
If company does not want to sync their critical business data on cloud on premise SAP B1 is best to choose.
We choose data compliant data- centers for on cloud SAP deployment.
Unique business models can make use of wide range of customizations and third-party integrations
There are custom solutions available on cloud based on your requirement.
Hardware and Software Maintenance
Maintenance has always been a troublesome task especially when replacing hardware. There is a high chance of failure to ensure business continuity.
You are hardware independent. No hassle of purchasing/upgrading servers physically. Pushing software patches and version updates to the instance is easy.
Nothing is safer than having your data in your internal server.
Data is protected in secure data centers with an array of physical and network safeguards
Hardware and software upgrades are always a tedious task on an on- premise ERP
Highly scalable in terms of Hardware resources. Adding more RAM, increasing the storage size of the instance, adding more processing power, adding better internet speed is all easy on cloud
Resilient Infrastructure
Hardware Crash: Ensure availability of replacement hardware
Available 24X7, Your cloud partner will take care of all the availability hassle
Need an additional hardware to store data backups. However, backup integrity check is time consuming and often not done.
Easily restorable snapshot on cloud
Internal IT Resources / Expertise
If you are on an on-premise solution you have to depend on your internal staff (man power)
Be independent of all the resource management hassles. We will do it for you. Our cloud experts can literally forge steel out of cloud.


SAP on Cloud Server Specs
Cloud Server Disk Space
Cloud Server Virtual Memory
Cloud Server Virtual CPU
Monthly Data Transfer
Managed Backup
Dedicated IP Address
Cloud Server Monthly Charges $
10 to 15 Users
160 GB
8 GB
2 vCPU
Daily Backup
SOC Super
15 to 25 Users
Most Popular
320 GB
16 GB
4 vCPU
Daily Backup
SOC Mega
From 25+ Users
Max Performance
640 GB
32 GB
8 vCPU
Daily Backup
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